Overnight Camping

August 5, 2010

Over the weekend we were able to spend a little time together.  Starting with Sunday we were able to wake up together and attend church together.  After church we had the home teacher come over and visit with us for a few moments.  It was nice just to be home with each other, doing things together, and have more than just a few moments of conversation. 

About a month ago we wanted to spend more time together and planned an overnight camping trip for Monday night.  Monday morning we arose from bed and took the day at a leisurely rate of pace.  We cooked breakfast together and had pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs.  After breakfast we rounded up all of the camping gear we would need and threw it in back of the truck.  It was about 1:00 PM before we left the house and headed to Springville, where we would pick up a box of firewood from Mom and Dad Larkin’s house.  Then it was time to head up Hobble Creek Canyon.

There was a possibility that the right fork of Hobble Creek Canyon might be closed above Cherry Campground but we were willing to take the chance.  There was a road crew working on the road laying down tar and new gravel on the road but we were able to make it to the top and make camp at Balsam Campground.  We had to carry our stuff in a little ways but we thought it was worth it since we felt we had the best campsite in the campground.  Later in the afternoon we found out that we were the only ones in the campground besides the camp host.

It was blistering hot and right after setting up camp we went to the creek, found some shade, and parked ourselves on rocks where we could get our feet wet in the cold water.  Just sitting there cooling off and having a good long conversation is the most fun we’ve had in a while together.  After a while Cordell wanted to start and attempt on getting our Dutch oven seasoned since it’s never been used.  While the Dutch oven was been baked over the coals we played a game of Phase 10 where Cordell has now won twice in a row.  After our game we started cooking the tinfoil dinners we brought with us, consisting of hamburger, potatoes and carrots.  It wasn’t until twilight before we started eating and afterwards Cordell built a fire for us to sit by and make some smores.

It was a little scary for Sara being in the dark all alone in a campground.  We had to lock all of our food in the truck in case of bears being in the area.  We went to bed but it was hard to fall asleep because it was extremely hot in the tent.  Cordell spent most of the night on top of the sleeping bag just to keep cool.  Both of realized the next morning that you can have very interesting dreams while camping.  There must be something in campfire smoke that makes you hallucinate during the night.

After sleeping in to about 9:00 AM we finally opened the door to the tent and took a peak outside.  We got up and realized we forgot to bring milk for our breakfast cereal so we built another fire and had smores again.  We spent most of the morning sitting around camp reading books and slowly packing stuff away.  The campground host said there was no hurry for us to leave on Tuesday and that we could stay until 6:00 PM if we so wished.  We were packed up and headed out around 1:00 PM mostly because we were losing shade and it was very hot.  We headed home and hung around the house near air conditioning.  It was a fun overnight trip and we enjoyed being able to spend some quality time together.  Good thing we went when we did because the weather hasn’t been friendly since we returned.


One Response to “Overnight Camping”

  1. Marsha said

    S’mores for breakfast. Awesome. I love that Sara is camping so much. You’re the best Cordell.

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